Drink This Celery Juice Every Day For 4 Weeks To Get Rid of Pain-Related Inflammation Forever!


Celery juice is a miracle worker if you experience pain-related inflammation in the body. Whether you suffer from back pain, arthritis, knee pain or other, this juice will quickly alleviate your pain.

Celery, contrary to popular belief, is actually very nutrient dense. It is high in vitamins B1, B2 and B6, as well as vitamins A and C. Additionally, it contains plenty of potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, sodium and essential amino acids.

Polyacetylene found in celery is an amazing relief for all inflammation – including, but not limited to arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma and bronchitis. It lowers the activity of four inflammatory markers in the body (like tumour necrosis factor alpha, nuclear factor kappa beta, interleukin 1B and interleukin 8), helping prevent unwanted inflammation.

Luteolin in celery also prevents activation of a pathway that switches on inflammation in the brain. It also inhibits the excess production of TNF-alpha, which is a major player in the cause of inflammation.

Drink this juice every day for 4 weeks to notice a dramatic change in the way your body feels and functions!

Ingredients: (serves 1)

– 1 entire bunch of celery
– 2 cups fresh pineapple
– 1 bunch parsley


Run all of the above ingredients through a juicer, and enjoy immediately!

Carly Fraser has her BSc (Hons.) Degree in Neuroscience, and is the owner and founder at Live Love Fruit. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a determined life mission to help inspire and motivate individuals to critically think about what they put in their bodies and to find balance through nutrition and lifestyle. She has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to re-connect with their bodies and learn self-love through proper eating habits and natural living. She loves to do yoga, dance, and immerse herself in nature.


  1. Hi Carly,

    I really love your articles and recipes. I just need to put some of them into practice consistently. I wanted to ask you two things.
    First, I have a holistic, whole body multisite, http://www.sandramurquhart.com, in which I am trying to educate people about the causes of pain. I want them to understand how their bodies function, particularly their muscles, and how to assess and figure out the real causes of their pain problems, and simple, natural solutions to unlocking the muscle restrictions to better manage or eliminate the pain. I would like to share some links to your articles in some of my articles, perhaps interview you or have you as a guest writer in the future.
    Secondly, I’d like to know if you have a good juicing recipe to address the lungs. I have been struggling for over a year with mucus from postnatal drip, despite having given up dairy, and cutting back on meat consumption, and avoiding wheat as much as possible. I live in Florida, and I also think there’s some sort of pollen situation that is ongoing here as well. It feels like I’m struggling against the post nasal drip, just to breathe. If you have a healing juice to enhance lung function, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


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