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Are you a writer with the passion to help Live Love Fruit?

Those who write for Live Love Fruit are a community of hundreds of thousands of individuals, passionate about health and wellness! These individuals also are willing to learn what they need to do, in order to live the healthiest life they can! Because of this collaborative effort, Live Love Fruit receives numerous messages from individuals stating how much it has helped them take back control of their health and their life. Writing for Live Love Fruit also allows you to be apart of this movement, and to spread the health message effectively and clearly.

Learn more about how Live Love Fruit began with a journey to better health.

Once you have submitted your article, we will do our best to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. We not only post the article on our website, which receives over 400,000 visits each month, but the link to the article also gets shared on major social networks like Facebook (237,000+ followers and growing), Twitter, Google+, and/or Pinterest. Your article will also become part of the library of other health and wellness articles published on Live Love Fruit.

Writing for Live Love Fruit will help give you and your business exposure to thousands of eager individuals wanting to improve their health. You will attract potential clients, coaching jobs and/or grow your brand simply by writing great posts! Your article will be given a special title to help it reach a wider audience, and it will also be reviewed for any errors prior to being published. You can contribute as often, or as little as you please. Not only that, there are no deadlines!

Tips to consider before writing:

1. Has my topic already been covered on Live Love Fruit? If it has, perhaps something has not been covered as thoroughly as it could be. In that case, elaboration of this topic could be considered. 

2. Make your first paragraph one that will give you an awesome first impression! Make your reader want to continue reading! 

3. Posts on Live Love Fruit are informative and usually have sources (peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, or credible news websites) to back up any statistics or studies (i.e., if I say apples have been shown to lower blood pressure, I should also include a link as to where this has been found). Because Live Love Fruit is a Health & Wellness based website, please try to make your articles geared in this direction. 

4. Make sure the points and tips in your article are clear and concise, and that you pave over any needless words (sometimes one word will do the trick!).

5. Write in a manner that expresses your own personality and voice. That way people can better connect to the writer. 

6. Articles should be between 800-1000 words. 

7. If you want to share a recipe, make sure to include some amazing photos to go with it! Include why you like this recipe, how you serve it, and any potential benefits of the recipe. 

8. Remember that Live Love Fruit focuses on plant-based living, and articles will not be accepted if references to animal products (meat, eggs, fish, dairy) are mentioned.


We work together with some great people. Our writers include, but are not limited to the following:
– Herbalists
– Health Coaches
– Yoga Instructors
– Plant-Based Personal Trainers
– Relationship Coaches
– Life Coaches
– Health and Nutrition Authors & Speakers
– Health Product Owners
– Hormone Experts
– Naturopathic Doctors
– Natural Beauty Experts
– Plant Based Cooked or RAW Chefs
– Digestive Alternative Health Specialists
– Osteopaths
– Chiropractors
– Health & Wellness Bloggers
– Personal Development & Self Awareness Writers
– Reiki Masters
– Hormone Experts
– Mind Body Therapists
– Acupuncturists
– Aromatherapists
– Massage Therapists
– Energy Medicine Healers
– Reflexologists
– Sound Therapists
– Other Alternative Health Specialists


Do you also possess these qualities?
• Possess a creative & conversational writing style
• Not to mention excellent grammar and writing skills
• Enjoy writing about holistic living because they also are passionate about natural wellness
• Are educated or/also have experience in the Health and Nutrition field
• Have a health-related website, blog, food or recipe blog, or nutrition related book that we can link to in your biography


1. Is it different? Your post should be unique to your writing style. Most of all: Is it also inspiring, interesting, informative, educational and fun?

2. Is your post 100% original? Because articles that have been posted elsewhere will not be accepted.

3. Has your post already appeared on livelovefruit.com? Because if your post has been featured elsewhere on Live Love Fruit, you may need to consider writing about a different topic

4. Is your headline catching? Keep in mind, a post without a catchy headline will not grab readers attention and also may get declined.

5. Do you have an image that can be included with your post? Because your post image should be at least 800 pixels wide.

6. Does your message also align with Live Love Fruit’s core values?


Send the following to Live Love Fruit in an email:

1. Your article or recipe with a unique headline.

2. Also include a short biography (5-6 sentences) with any links to your social media channel(s) (aka. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, etc.).

3. The e-mail address linked to a Gravatar account (http://en.gravatar.com) so that your picture also will appear with your post.

4. Recipe posts also must be accompanied with a high-quality, professional image (minimum 800 pixels wide).


In the event that you’re wanting to advertise your company, please see the page, “Advertise with us,” or request a media kit from [email protected]

Kindly include all of the above in one e-mail and submit to [email protected]

We will get back to you as soon as possible with a response. Thank you!