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With over 400,000 monthly impressions, Live Love Fruit reaches your target market, wherever they are. We also offer a wide range of marketing solutions for brands that are interested in reaching our highly engaged audience.

Who Are We?

Why advertise with us at LiveLoveFruit.com? Because we are a natural health advocacy that promotes plant-based living. We recognize the importance of proper communication in order to engage our audience on issues they most care about. From the benefits of different fruit and vegetables, to ways that you can improve the health of your home, to recognizing the importance of sleep, exercise, sun exposure and water, Live Love Fruit covers a wide range of everyday topics. We also specialize in providing healthy plant-based recipes with a focus on raw smoothies and juices.

LiveLoveFruit was launched in 2012 by Carly Fraser, during her last year of finishing up her Honours degree in Biopsychology. During this year, Carly also discovered the raw foods lifestyle, which dramatically changed her life. With her passion to share this knowledge, and help others discover the plant-based lifestyle, she started a Facebook page, and later on constructed the website, LiveLoveFruit.com.

Our readers and followers not only rely on us to share important news, but they also pride us in our hasty responses to messages and comments to their concerns on important issues.

Live Love Fruit Demographics:

Who are our readers? We attract a highly desirable audience of individuals with the following stats:

Gender: 71% Female; 29% Male
Age Bracket: 90% between the ages 18-50+
Country: 56% United States; 7% United Kingdom; 7% Canada; 30% Other
Language: 90% English
College Degree: 53%
Grad School: 15%
• Over 90% of followers and readers also will pay more for products that are environmentally friendly, organic and sports/exercise related or health-food products and supplements that promote healthful living and weight loss.

Live Love Fruit Traffic and Stats:

• 357,000+ unique visitors/month
• 417,000+ page views/month
• 237,000+ Facebook likes
• 1.2 million Pinterest visits/month
• 7,600+ Instagram followers
• 2,740 Google+ followers
• 1,500+ Twitter followers
• 6,500+ Newsletter subscribers

Live Love Fruit Features and Collaborations:

Carly Fraser of LiveLoveFruit has been featured in a variety of publications:
Canadian Health and Lifestyle Magazine, Joe Rogan’s Facebook fan page, NaturalNews.com, Eleven by Venus Williams, and more.

LiveLoveFruit has worked alongside companies such as:
BestBuy, Omega Juicers, Breville, Froothie, Bellicon, Morrocco Method, DoTerra Essential Oils, and more.

Carly Fraser has also utilized Live Love Fruit in a more personal approach by hosting retreats at The Farm of Life, Costa Rica, where she taught individuals about the importance of plant-based living, sustainability and relaxations and grounding techniques.


Sponsorship Opportunities Include:

– Relevant Sponsored Editorial Content: Include sponsored posts on-site with 1 no-follow back-link to whatever you may be promoting.

– Social Media Posts (Facebook, Tweets, Instagram, Google+): Promotional Tweets and Facebook wall posts available, or advertorials with viral distribution to LiveLoveFruit’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

– Special Promotions like Giveaways and Contests: Giveaway any kind of product through our website, and social media accounts. Includes 500-word promotional advertorial.

Advertising Opportunities Include:

– High Impact Ad Units: On-site available sizes include Leaderboard (728×90), Skyscraper (160×600), Medium Rectangle (300×250). Minimum buy required.

– Text Links and Back Links: Purchased text and back-links, similar to a sponsored editorial post, except you can purchase a text-link and we can write the article on your behalf.


Any ad or editorial that LiveLoveFruit deems not appropriate will be declined. This includes ads that are misleading, not attractive, or false. We have the final approval on all ad content prior to going live. We also reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason.


Depending on the type of campaign, placement or volume, your ad rate will vary. Please contact [email protected] for more information on your ad request.

High impact ad units will be given a discount if purchased long-term.

Unless otherwise noted, all purchased back-links will be marked as no-follow, because it protects my partners as much as it protects myself (we’ll both get penalized by Google if these rules are not followed). The post stays live forever, and the post will also be disclaimed as sponsored at the very end.

Our brand partners are important to us, and so we do all we can to ensure you get the best results possible. We want to help you create an advertising approach that is right for you and your goals.

If you would like to advertise with us, or want to request a media kit, drop us a line at [email protected]. We will answer within 24 hours!