This Homemade Cabbage Juice Clears The Skin, Promotes Weight Loss and Prevents Cancer



Cabbage juice might sound disgusting, but it actually does your body a world of wonders. It is high in an array of different vitamins, minerals and crucial phytonutrients like vitamin C, A, B1, B2, B6, E, and K and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, iodine, sulphur and phosphorous.

Most importantly, cabbage contains one of the most important cancer-fighting chemicals around. Sulforaphane, isothiocyanate, and Indole-3-carbinole (I3C) are anti-cancer compounds found in cabbage. They increase the detoxification mechanisms in the body, and improve its ability to detoxify and eliminate harmful hormones.

Cabbage is also great for clearing the upper section of your intestine, which improves digestion and makes weight loss as easy as 1-2-3. A lot of the time we are carrying around a lot of excess waste matter in our colons, which leads to larger stomachs and uncomfortable bloated feelings.

It also helps dry up oily, acne-prone skin, too. Internally, sulphur is essential for keratin, a protein substance necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Cabbage juice can be somewhat unpleasant to those not used to it, so this recipe contains an apple and some lemon to help balance the flavour.


– 5 cups organic green or purple cabbage
– 1 lemon, peeled
– 1 apple


Run all of the above ingredients through a juicer and drink immediately for maximum effects.

Carly Fraser has her BSc (Hons.) Degree in Neuroscience, and is the owner and founder at Live Love Fruit. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a determined life mission to help inspire and motivate individuals to critically think about what they put in their bodies and to find balance through nutrition and lifestyle. She has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to re-connect with their bodies and learn self-love through proper eating habits and natural living. She loves to do yoga, dance, and immerse herself in nature.


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