Oregano Oil Is Far More Superior Than Prescription Antibiotics, Without The Side Effects


Oregano oil benefits are proving to be superior to some antibiotics, without the harmful side effects.

Most medical doctors love prescribing antibiotics to just about anyone who walks through their doors. Unfortunately, most of the antibiotics prescribed come with debilitating side effects, such as destroying good gut bacteria (which kills the immune system), causing antibiotic resistance, reducing vitamin absorption and damaging the lining of the digestive tract (leading to leaky gut).

When I was younger, I was chronically sick. I remember most of my childhood consisting of banana syrup medicine and penicillin. Most of my ailments included sore throats and ear infections. I was also heavily vaccinated as a child, and I attribute most of my sickness to the fillers and additives that come along with vaccine injections.

Fortunately, you (or your child) doesn’t need to go through the same madness that I did when younger. Now, there is an incredible natural alternative to prescription antibiotics, and that alternative is oregano oil (or oil of oregano).

Oregano Oil Benefits

Oregano oil is derived from the flowers and leaves of the wild oregano plant. It is an incredibly powerful antimicrobial that fights infections to the death. It has a wide range of health benefits, which can be attributed to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

It has the highest content of phenols (natural phytochemical compounds that have high antioxidant activities) among all aromatic plants. The two most abundant phenols in oregano oil are thymol and carvacrol, although carvacrol is arguably the most potent constituent of oregano oil.

Over 800 studies reference carvacrol in PubMed, which proves that this oil provides some whopping healing potential. It has been found to possess strong fungicide and antiseptic properties that kill a wide variety of pathogens by breaking through the cell membranes of disease-causing microbes. This allows the body to repair and heal cells and tissue damage, as well as boost the immune system and neutralize free radicals.

Carvacrol has been proven to reverse or reduce:

– Bacterial infections (Streptococcus, haemophilus, staphylococcus, mycobacterium, E.coli, proteus, chlamydia, mycoplasma and even MRSA)
– Tumours (cervical, breast, leukaemia, lung and colon)
– Allergies
– Food poisoning (salmonella, listeria, campylobacter, shigella, botulism, norovirus)
– Candida (bacterial vaginosis, Candida albicans)
– Inflammation
– Fungal infections
– Viruses
– Parasites (giardiasis, flatworms, tapeworms and ringworms)

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food looked into the antibacterial activity of oregano oil against 5 different types of bad bacteria. They found significant anti-bacterial properties within oregano oil that made it effective against all 5 species. The highest activity was observed against E.coli, suggesting that oregano oil should be used to prevent food poisoning and improve gastrointestinal health.

Hundreds of other studies, just like this, have proven the effects of oregano oil against bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections, parasites, inflammation and cancer.

How To Use Oregano Oil

Below are methods of using oregano oil for different ailments:

Nasal congestion & lung infections: add 2-3 drops to a diffuser or vaporizer, and inhale deeply
Sore throat: add 2-3 drops in a glass of water and drink
Acne, cold sores, nail fungus, shingles, or psoriasis: mix 1-2 drops to a small capful of coconut oil or aloe vera gel and apply on skin (don’t use on broken or sensitive skin)
Aches, sore muscles, and backaches: mix same parts of oregano oil and organic olive oil and rub into sore muscles
Immune system booster: add 3-4 drops in a glass of water and drink 2-3 times a day before meals
Bad breath: add 1 drop oregano oil to your toothbrush with toothpaste to kill bad bacteria that cause bad breath

A Word Of Caution

Oregano oil is very strong, and should always be diluted before consumption or application on open skin. Dilute in water, or in carrier oils like jojoba or coconut oil.

When oregano oil is used therapeutically for detox, the die-off of bacteria can cause Herxheimer, a reaction to the toxins released by pathogens as they die. This may make you feel tired, headache-prone, and even nauseous. If this happens, just drink plenty of water and stop taking oregano oil for a little bit. Next time you use, just go slower with increments.

Other sources:

Carly Fraser has her BSc (Hons.) Degree in Neuroscience, and is the owner and founder at Live Love Fruit. She currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a determined life mission to help inspire and motivate individuals to critically think about what they put in their bodies and to find balance through nutrition and lifestyle. She has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals to re-connect with their bodies and learn self-love through proper eating habits and natural living. She loves to do yoga, dance, and immerse herself in nature.


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