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Biolumina Spirulina

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Probably the oldest and certainly the most nutritious food on the planet, BIOLUMINA SPIRULINA provides you with the broadest spectrum, most concentrated and bioavailable nutrition that you can get from a single food. This amazing blue green algae superfood has a uniquely high phytonutrient content that includes 3 to 4 times more Phycocyanin. Along with BIOLUMINA’S other vital nutrients, this very rare, powerful antioxidant, provides the greatest radiation-protecting and immune system-enhancing benefits available to us from any food or other substance.

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Biolumina provides you with the most protective, life-enhancing, live, bio-available, full-spectrum nutritional whole food for you to thrive on. It powerfully supports your body in these key areas:
• Immunity and stress
• Energy, metabolic balance and weight loss
• Heart, blood, and cardiovascular health
• Digestion, detox and cleansing
• Radiation protection
• Preparedness
• Consciousness transformation: Biolumina is the most direct way to put light into your body!

1 review for Biolumina Spirulina

  1. 5 out of 5

    BioLumina Spirulina changed my life!! I can't go back to eating any other Spirulina now that I I've tasted its pure and vibrantly rich quality. By eating it on a daily basis I began having much better clarity of mind. It has certainly helped assist in decalcifying my pineal gland as well as providing me with a grounded, balanced, and nourished feeling. A sort of shielding towards becoming less affected by negative energy and more in tune with positive thoughts. My favorite part about it is sharing it with other people and seeing the amazing health breakthroughs and benefits they receive from eating it. What's more joyful then helping assist brother sister souls heal as we explore the adventure called life, on this beautiful mother earth. <3

    P.S. after eating BioLumina, myself and other have begun experiencing amazing synchronicity! "Fun Factor!" 🙂

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