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Rawlicious Magic contains delicious raw recipes that can be made in minutes. Most recipes are so simple even a 9 year old could make them! This book will teach you that eating more raw foods does NOT mean you have to eat like a rabbit and be hungry all day.

Adding more Rawlicious magic meals to your diet will actually free up more time in the kitchen and you will have more time and energy to do the things you love. Learn how to make tasty raw meals using simple combinations of fruits and vegetables. Yummy for the taste buds and the tummy!

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If you’re wondering what makes this raw recipe book different from other books you’ve seen on the subject, consider this:

– The recipes are so simple that even a 9 year old could make most of them
– No long and intimidating list of ingredients. Simple combinations of flavours for maximum taste and energy
– No expensive super-foods, wonder foods and wallet busting foods
– All the ingredients in the recipes can be found in the fresh produce isle in the super market, at your local farmers market or even in your back yard. Nothing Fancy or Expensive Here!
– Conscious effort has been made in the creation of each recipe and choice of ingredient. No stimulants, irritants, salt or oil
– Food combining is carefully considered so that the recipes not only taste good but you feel good after eating them! A Big Bonus!


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